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The AME Zion University has and will offer study and research through the following faculties, departments or colleges, emphasizing post-graduate studies (MBA, M.Sc. and Ph.D.):
Criminal Justice
Theology/Religious Education
Banking & Finance
Public Administration
Physical Sciences
Informational Technology
Humanities (including indigenous knowledge systems)
Health & Allied Science
Petroleum Engineering

Departments in the various colleges are listed below.  Degrees up to Master level will be offered.

•       Andrew Cartwright College of Business and Public Administration offers degrees in Accounting, Management, Economics, Banking and Finance, Demography and Public Administration. The College also seeks to meet the needs of Liberia businesses and government through research and consultancy services;

      Reuben L. Speaks College of Liberal Arts offers a wide range of curriculum in the fields of English, Sociology, Informational Technology, Geography, History and Languages (French and Liberian are planned), Philosophy, Physical Education, Political Science

•      Alicia Smith-Lartey College of Education prepares qualified pre-service teachers for the elementary and secondary schools of the nation; assist in the professional improvement of in-service teachers; trains researchers and works with experimental projects for the scientific development of education in the nation

\•      Wilfred E. Clarke College of Criminal Justice Administration Currently concentrates on Criminal Justice Administration and to expand into other offers as law enforcement

      Warren M. Brown College of Divinity offers degree in theology and religious education; courses are listed under the several colleges. Students wishing to prepare for service to the nation in a variety of positions will find courses related to their interests in many departments of the University.   Courses are offered during the regular academic year which is divided into two semesters of approximately sixteen weeks each

•      College of General Studies offers all courses leading to the bachelor degree in a specialized field;

      Alfred E. White College of Health and Allied Science offers degree in health Science and public health

      College of Agriculture and Agribusiness Studies (CAAS) offers degree in Agronomy and Practical Outreach, Agri-Business and Community development and Livestock Veterinary Science and Nutrition;

African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU) Courses information


Courses offered in the colleges granting first degrees are identified by three digit numbers in such a manner as to indicate the semester in which they are customarily offered and the level of instruction. Courses are numbered as listed below:
101 to 102  -  freshman courses
201 to 202  -  sophomore courses
301 to 399  -  junior courses
401 to 499  -  senior courses

In most cases, odd numbers indicate first semester courses and even numbers indicate second semester courses. Thus, English 101 and 102 are respectively first and second credit courses in Freshman English. English 201 and 202 are respectively first semester and second semester credit courses in Sophomore English. Each course number is prefixed for four letters, representing the course of a department. E.g. ACCT is Accounting, or SOCI is Sociology.

Courses, with numbers 003 to 009, are non-credit courses. This is because of the candidate failure to pass both subjects during the Entrance & Placement Examination. Such student will be considered to do 001 or 009 in the subject that he/she had failed during the process.

Rev. Dr. Martin F. Richards, Sr., BRE, B.Th., MTS, MCC, D.Min. (Hons), D. C. Ed. (Hons)
Vice President for Academic Affairs
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