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About Dr. Alfred A. Kulah, Ph.D
Alfred A. Kulah, Ph.D
Cell: 0886-827067 / 0775963030

Ph.DAnthropology, Minor, Development Economics
Fulbright Scholar: University of California, Irvine,  California, USA.
Thesis: “The Organization and Learning of   Proverbs  Among the Kpelle of Liberia”     1973
BSc.General Science
Cuttington University,
Suakoko, Liberia   1968

Professional Experience:
1.2016 - Present: Vice President For Planning, Research, and  Institutional Development
AMEZU, 166 Benson Street Monrovia, Liberia
The Department of Planning Research and Institutional Development (VPPRID) consist of three (3) personnel:
1.Dr. Alfred A. Kulah - Vice President
2. Rev. Samuel Ballah - Administrative Assistant, and
3.Mulbah B. Sumo - Assistant Director for Research

The Department is charged with seven (7) responsibilities as follows:
1.To exercise oversight responsibilities and duties over the research, planning and institutional advancement of the University;
2.To assist the University with its short, medium and long terms development through research and planning in terms of infrastructures, capacity development, programs, projects etc;
3.To work with the President and other officials of the University to reach out to institutions and individuals for fund raising initiatives for the development projects of the University;
4.To plan, organize and implement outreach programs and projects into local communities for increasing the impact and influence of the University in our society;
5.To identify ways and means for the development of the Human Resource capacity of the University;
6.To assist the President and the other two Vice Presidents with strategy on administrative and academic matters for the advancement of the institution; and
7.To perform those tasks and duties as will be required by the office of the President of the University and report directly to the president of the University.

As stated in the above term of reference, the Department in term of planning research and Institutional Advancement provides support to the departments of Administration, and Academic Affairs.  Particular support was provided in June 2018 to the Department of Academic Affairs in anticipation of the graduation exercises of 2017/2018.  Particular support was provided to the Director of Programs of the AME Zion Church in landscaping the Po-River Campus as well as the construction of the graduation shed. 

2.2013 - 2015: 
Advisor, Political Decentralization
Liberian Decentralization Support Program,
(LDSP), Ministry of Internal   Affairs
Advise the Chairperson of the LDSP Board and Minister of Internal Affairs on  Matters dealing with Decentralization in Liberia,
-Serve as legislative liaison  between the Legislature and the Ministry,
-Ensure the rationalization of sub-national structures..
-Ensure the harmonization of county and districts boundaries,
-Coordinate the decentralization of services of service providing agencies of government,
-Ensure that the draft Local Government Act (LGA) is submitted to the Legislature for passage.

3. 2011-2013:            
Program Manager,  Political & Legal Reform Mandate Area
Governance Commission, RL
- Manage the day-to-day operations of the   mandate area,
-Ensure the formulation of the Regulatory and Legal frameworks for successful decentralization in Liberia,
-Undertake and direct 10 researches that informed the formulation of the Local Government Act.
Parent Coordinator
New York City Department of Education, Jackie Robertson, PS 375, USA
Duties:    - Worked with Parents/Teachers Association  schools’ leadership Team to produce “The  Comprehensive Educational Plan”.
-Conducted workshops to empower Parents to get involved with their children’s Education,
-Created a cordial and welcoming environment for parents at the school

Senior Fellow & Executive Director,
Human Resources Development Centre  for Strategic Studies,
Capitol Hill, Liberia
-Organized workshops, seminars and symposia on national policy issues at the Centre for Strategic Studies.
-Lead research in collaboration with United Nations agencies, institutions of higher learning and non-governmental organizations (NGO),
-Developed funding proposals for local universities graduates for capacity implementation field research capacity building projects for universities graduates
Deputy Minister for Operations, Ministry of Internal Affairs,
Government of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia
-Designed programs for decentralized planning for the 15 counties (administrative divisions of Liberia).
-Coordinated and implemented Government services rendered throughout the 15 counties by the superintendents
-Directly supervised day-day work of 178 employees.

Part-time Professor
United Methodist University (UMU)  
Courses taught: Physical Anthropology, Sociology and Economics.

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs, RL
Monrovia, Liberia
-Consolidating all Government Agencies’ sectoral plans and costing them into a National Development Plan.
-Building capacities of Regional Administrations (Counties) to facilitate the development of decentralized planning.
- Focal person for all bilateral, multilateral and United Nations system assistance to the Liberian development process.
-Focal person for Gender and Children Affairs’ Intervention Program including health, education, nutrition and rights-based analysis directly supervised 68 employees.

Executive Director, Liberian Refugees   Repatriation and Resettlement Commission   (LRRRC)
-Researched and drafted the initial LRRRC Act through the Interim President of Liberia.
-Recruited relevant staff and personnel.
-Established the appropriate administrative and financial policies for the Commission.
-Conducted personnel training in conjunction with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.
-Liaised with government agencies, donor community and national government organizations.
-Identified, coordinated potential with Government Agencies, non-governmental organizations and the donor community with the service and capacity to implement relevant aspect such as shelter, health and sanitation, food and non-food relief distribution to the target population.
-Directly supervised 38 employees.

General Manager, Partnership for Productivity (PFP) Monrovia, Liberia.
A non-governmental organization focused on mobilizing rural savings, granting loans to small and medium enterprises in Liberia and providing management training; financed by USAID, the Intermediate Technology Development Group of England and UNDP.
-Secretary to the Board of Directors.
-Interacted with development agencies, donors and relevant Government agencies; ensured and provided business extension service raining for all PFP staff.
-Chaired the PFP Credit Committee.
-Evaluated the technical feasibility of all PFP project components and operational methodologies; refined the PFP objectives including the quantitative and qualitative description of women beneficiaries, small entrepreneurs and geographic location.

Deputy General Manager, Partnership for Productivity/Liberia
-Oversight the finance and administration sections of PFP.
-Participated in the Credit Committee.
-Assisted the General Manager in the overall management of the PFP and acted in his stead.
-Formulated project proposals for the funding agencies and the Board of Directors in particular, prepared detailed analytical reports of project funding level, loan disbursement, type and sector of financing, loan recovery rates and amount of saving mobilized, identified and described constraints which may adversely affect the PFP loan, savings mobilization, management advice and extension agents program for the General Manager.
-Directly supervised 19 employees.

:Minister, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of Liberia.
-Determined the overall policies and administrative procedures o the Ministry.
-Ensured the efficient and proper implementation of all government policies relating to rural development.
-Ensured efficiency and proper habit of employees.
-Directly supervised 621 employees.

Deputy Minister for Administration and   Planning,
Ministry of Rural Development Government of Liberia.
-Designed and developed the development plans of the Ministry.
-Oversight the budget of the Ministry as well as the personnel policies.
-Developed specific projects for bilateral and multilateral funding.
-Developed policies and administrative policies for the Ministry.
-Identified any social, economic or other constraints which may affect various parts of the Ministry and proposed how these constraints may be overcome.

Assistant Minister, Ministry of Rural   Development, Government of Liberia
-This position afforded a larger responsibility as contained under the Director
--Community Development.

Director of Community Development,    Ministry of Rural Development, Government of Liberia
-Assisted various rural communities and dwellers to identify their needs, determine projects, harnessed resources coupled with those of government and donor agencies to meet such needs.
-Drafted agreements for the finance elements of the projects with appropriate supporting documents for consideration of the parties involved.
-Established policies and administrative procedures to make various projects sustainable considering such measures as cost recovery and maintenance.
1975-1998: Associate Professor, University of Liberia,
Courses taught: Physical Anthropology, Introductory Sociology, and Economics.

Written work:
December 2010 - February 2011:
The Evolution and Development of Cleavages in Liberia and Access to Opportunity.

March - May 2001 UNICEF, Liberia
Undertook an ethnographic study of Kpelle beliefs and values that impact upon child care and rearing practices of Kpelle.

December 28, 1996 -January 1997 UNHCR/UNDP, Monrovia, Liberia
Prepared a detailed Terms of Reference specifying objectives and activities and undertook a study of the needs of Liberian refugees in La Code d’Ivoire and Guinea.

January 6 - February 8, 1996 FAO, Monrovia, Liberia
Developed in conjunction with an Agronomist, a Food Security Strategy for Post War Liberia.

April - February 1996 UNDP, Monrovia
Wrote a Micro-credit Manual adopted to Liberian environment for its Micro-financing program: “Try and See: It Works”

March 1998 UNDP Self-Help Village Development, Harper, Maryland, Liberia
Finalized guidelines for the Project Revolving Loan Fund and established an effective institutional framework and methodologies for effective management.
Planning, Research &
Institutional Advancement
Vice President
for Administration