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The Department of Public Administration offers Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) for student pursing interest in the discipline. It provides opportunities for students to be prepared for a career in government, non- proit or closely related ield of business. The undergraduate degree is oriented towards the challenges of central and local government with focus on issues of growth management and the environment.

PADM 201- Introduction to Public Administration- I Cr/Hrs3-(Pre-requisite: Sophomore Standing). In this course emphasis is upon the relationship among the three branches of government, the elements, functions, and processes of public administration, the principles and methods of administration, simple decision-making models, inancial and personnel administration, organization theories and leadership concepts.

PADM202 – Introduction to Public Administration II- Cr/Hrs3. (Pre-requisite: PADM 201).This course concentrates on the evolution of public administration as an academic discipline, representative schools of through, decision-making models, Organi8zational Charts, and Hierarchies, Civil Servants and Collective Bargaining, Spoils and Merit Systems & New Trends in Public Administration.

PADM208-Local Government Administrative & Decentralization- Cr/Hrs3-Study of structure of local government, its personnel system, function and central government control through the ministry of local government and other related government functionaries.

PADM 304- Development Administration- Cr/Hrs 3 .(Pre-requisite PADM 202).A study of the nature, objectives and functions of development administration in the Third World with special reference to Liberia. The course includes the rising role of socio-economic planning implementation and coordination of comprehensives, interregional and sartorial development programs.

PADM 305 Administrative Practice and Theory- Cr/Hrs 3.( Pre-requisite: PADM 202).The nature of public executive/administrative leadership in government, including its basic constitutional and legal powers and constraints, its traits, functions, and styles used in the exercise of its social power, problems, and situational forces.

PADM 308 Development Planning Administration-Cr/Hrs .A study of development planning concepts, topics of social-economic development plans, objectives as of planning development strategies, procedures and problems, with emphasis on Liberia.

PADM 309 Educational Administration -( Elective)- Cr/Hrs 3.( Pre-requisite: PADM 202).A study of the Liberian System of education, its organization, Objectives, inancing, personnel system, standings, government controls, (Certiication, supervision, and inspection), relationship with allied national and international organizations. Reference will also be made to other systems of educational administration.

PADM 310 Administrative Law- Cr/Hrs 3.The study of Public administrative process in terms of relationship between administrative actions and the legal process; the advantages of administrative law, grievance ,including ombudsman and appeal systems, theories of administrative rule-making and adjudicating by civil servant or regulating agencies ,and relevant constitution doctrines.

PADM 311 Government Planning Process-Cr/Hrs 3.The government planning and process course is designed to highlight how government allocates scares resources overt time in short,medium and long term planning program activities that are basically aimed at improving the livelihoods of their citizens.Because of the scarcity of
government’s resources, the process also seeks to describe how government gives urgent priority to needed program activities through the budgetary process-that involves the executive preparation, legislative approval, execution and audit.

PADM 312 Public Organization Structure and Behavior- Cr/Hrs 3.( Pre-requisite: PADM 202).Analysis and classiication of public organization topologies, including their objectives, structures, functions, problems, theories, group dynamics, change and adaptation, and the inluence of culture in organizations.

PADM 313 Government Budgetary Process- Cr/Hrs 3.( Pre-requisite: PADM 202). A course principally on the Liberian Government Budget as an important instrument of economic and social policy and a tools for eicient management and coordination, with emphasis on the four basic phases of the budgetary process, Executive, and Post Audit, and on the functions of the budget to check inlation, reverse trade recessions, improve the balance of payments when adverse and redistribute incomes.

PADM 315 Organizational Communication-Cr/Hrs3.This course is intended to give students the basic theory and practice of communication within organization-whether public, private, or non-for-proit .It suggests how non- proit leaders and managers ensure effective and suicient communication with their environments; internal and external stakeholder relational for effective results and achievements of organization goals.

PADM 402 Rural Development Administration- Cr/Hrs 3.( Pre-requisite: PADM 304).A study of the Liberian Government and socio-economic development policy objectives and programs as they relate to the rural areas. Emphasis is placed on Government’s overall national development policy, in particular its current local government reorganization and decentralization policy, the formulation and implementation of its Rural Integrated Development Programs and general impact on traditional lifestyles.

PADM 403 Public Personnel Administration -Cr/Hrs 3.( Pre-requisites PADM 306 and PADM 307).A study of general public personnel organization and administration, with special reference to the Liberian Civil Service Agency and its functions of recruitment, examination, Selection, Position Classiication, Pay Plan, Discipline, Grievance System, Retirement, and coordinating agency personnel procedures

PADM 405 Public Administration -Cr/Hrs 3. (Pre-requisite: PADM 306 and PADM 311).Study of the organization, allocation, and administration of Public inance with special reference to iscal and monetary solicits, the national tax structure, the organizational structure and functions of the Ministry of Finance; the Liberian banking system, the kinds of taxes, the public debt component and its management, and the budgetary process.

PADM 406 Public Administration and Public Enterprises- Cr/Hrs 3. (Pre-requisite: PADM 405). A study of the government as a producer of goods and services through public corporations with special reference to Liberia, and emphasis on the organization, objectives, scope and methods.

PADM 407 Government Planning process -Cr/Hrs 3. (Pre-requisite: PADM 304 and PADM 405).A study of development planning concepts, types of socio-economic development plans, objectives of planning, development strategies, procedures and problems, with emphasis on Liberia.

PADM 408 Local Government Administration- Cr/Hrs 3.(Pre-requisite: PADM 402).Study of the structure o f local government, its personnel system, functions and central government control through the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development, and Urban Reconstruction.

PADM 410 Comparative Public Administration II- Cr/Hrs 3. (Pre-requisite PADM 401).In this course a comparison is made between the administrative systems of Developing and western Nations, the impact of culture and selected problems of public administration.

PADM 411 Comparative Public Administration I- Cr/Hrs 3.(Pre-requisites: PADM 304 and PADM 308).Course comprises a survey of the history of administrative thought, development administration, general theories of bureaucratic organizations, a study of the similarities and differences in the orientations, administrative structures, and patterns of behavior of a selected number of states, their governments and political leadership styles, functions and problems.

PADM 413 Public Personnel Administration- Cr/Hrs 3.(Pre-requisites: PADM306 and PADM 307).A study of general public personnel organization and administration, with special reference to the Liberia Civil Service Agency and its functions of recruitment, examination, Selection, position Classiication, Pay Plan, Discipline, Grievance System, Retirement, and coordinating agency personnel procedures.

PADM415 Public Finance Administration-Cr/Hrs3.The study of organization and administration of public inance, the Liberian organization structure and function of the Ministry of Finance, the Liberian banking system, the kind of taxes, the public debt component and its management and the budgetary process.

PADM 416-Public Enterprise Administration- Cr/Hrs 3. A study of the government as a product of goods and services through public corporations with special references to Liberia with emphasis on the organizations, scope and methods.

PADM 417 Public Policy Process- Cr/Hrs 3. The course studies the distinction between the concepts of Policy and Decision, and the application of rational-and non- rational comprehensive decision-making models, with special reference to input-Output Analysis, Bayesian, Interactive Analytic Cycle, Satisfying, Muddling Though, Maxed Scanning, Elite-Mass, and Group varieties.

PADM 418 Issues in Liberia & African Development-Cr/Hrs 3.This course emphasizes the importance of African states renaissance in terms of socio-economic development, political and regional integration in cross border trade harmonization, peace-building, conlict resolution and management; how these activities affect their respective countries including Liberia.

PADM 420-Project Planning and Education-Cr/Hrs3-

PADM 421-Ethics & Integrity in Public Administration-Cr/Hrs3.This course relates ethical issues likely to arise in management of public and non-proit organizations, emphasizes value commitment of the rule of law, standard of conduct, fundamental fairness and other administrative responsibilities(both collective and personal) for the discharge of public trust.

PADM 422 Community Development-Cr/Hrs 3-This course provides graduate students, overview of principles and strategies of community development in rural areas, utilizing-in department cases study.

PADM 424 Organizational Leadership-Cr/Hrs 3-This course provides analysis of techniques for creating motivation and cohesion in complex organization and describes administrative design of structure for successful decision- making and effective result.

PADM 428 Senior Seminar-Cr/Hrs 3.( Pre-requisite: PADM 307 and Senior Standing). Identiication, discussion and analysis of major administrative problems in such areas of the discipline as The Policy Process, Reorganization of Bureaucracy, the Public debt and Socio-Economic Development, Crime and Public Personnel Procedures.

PADM 432 Organizational Leader-Cr/Hrs 3-This course emphasizes the social, political, economic and cultural dynamics on rural development. PADM 498 Research Methodology-Cr/Hrs3-

PADM 499 Thesis Writing-Cr/Hrs3-

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Department of Public Administration